Green Tea and Aloe Advanced Acne Cleanser

Green Tea and Aloe Advanced Acne Cleanser

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For those struggling with pesky blemishes, this formula has been well-proven to dramatically reduce the amount of acne, pimples, and blackheads. Designed with special properties to allow the skin to heal.

With the combination of Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid, and other natural anti-acne ingredients, you’ll surely want this wash on your side of the battle against blemishes.

Product Highlights

  • Formulated with the purest pharmaceutical grade Glycolic Acid available
  • Combined with acne fighting ingredient Salicylic Acid USP 2%
  • Gentle and effective regimens for both acne and skin rejuvenatio
  • Step-up program – 2, 5 or 10% Glycolic Acid
  • Gluten, Paraben, Oil, Sulfate, Colorant and Fragrance-free, Non-comedogenic


  • Ensures minimal irritation and accelerates the removal of dead skin cells that can interfere with the proper oil drainage of the skin
  • Pharmaceutical active acne medication ingredient removes surface oils, unplugs and refines pores
  • Excellent and affordable solution for pediatric, adolescent, and adult patients
  • Allows for customization of regimen