Vitamin C Moisturizing Oil

Vitamin C Moisturizing Oil

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A luxurious lightweight oil that brightens and hydrates skin

Bottle size: 1 FL OZ
Bottle type: GLASS DROPPER
Label finish: SATIN

Primary Benefits
◇ Evens out discoloration and dark spots to the skin
◇ Hydrates, smooths, and softens skin
◇ Increases radiance and suppleness to the skin

Our Vitamin C Moisturizing Oil provides hydrating vitamins and oils
to enhance and preserve the appearance of beautiful, vibrant-looking
skin. Your customers will notice immediate hydration and radiance with
this citrus oil packed formula. Vitamin C will help reduce the appearance
of age spots and discoloration. The squalane will help smooth and
soften skin, while the natural oils provide antioxidants. The citrus oils
also provide a luxurious experience through a pleasant aroma.

Key Ingredients
Vitamin C, Citrus Essential Oils, Squalane

How To Use
Apply a small amount to
clean skin, gently massage
into desired area.